New Online Scheduling!

Yay for evolving technology (and our slowly improving understanding thereof)! You can now book your appointments directly online, without playing phone- or email tag. I love hearing from you, so I’m not trying to discourage anyone from contacting me with any questions or concerns, but I think this new, additional feature may improve your booking experience. Just go to Contact and click on the teal-colored button that reads ‘Schedule your appointment online here’ and you will be prompted to select your service and appointment time. I’m exited.

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It’s Mercury Retrograde – let’s launch a new website!

Many of us have heard of and experienced the effects of Mercury going retrograde: Mercury is closer to the sun and therefore its orbit is much shorter than earth’s. So about three to four times a year it speeds by earth (looking like it goes backward as it slows down for a bit) and as it flies past us, it stirs up a whole lot of turbulence. Since Mercury oversees all kinds of communication and travel, we usually tell ourselves to be prepared for communication break downs, technology disasters, travel difficulties, and relationship dramas. It also governs legal processes, budgets, and other contractual documents (anyone reading the paper lately and seeing a pattern here? This is exactly what Mercury is all about.). It’s traditionally not a good time to launch a book, sign contracts, take that dream vacation, OR publish a new website. So, why then, am I doing exactly that? I’d like to think of this period slightly differently. As Mercury speeds by, it helps us uncover ‘stuff’ that we haven’t addressed fully, things we have buried or build on unstable ground, and projects we haven’t finished. It’s a great time to look at issues that arise and instead of simply reacting the way we customarily would, pause for a second and reflect on the underlying dynamics of the situation. ‘Mistakes’, which you may see a lot during this time, may not actually be mistakes, but may reveal underlying dynamics that have been present all along. It’s not a good time to proceed in habitual ways and do things ‘the way we have always done them because that’s the way we have always done them’. This is a great chance to reflect more deeply on who we are, why we do what we do, and how we can improve ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. It’s also a great time to finish up projects we have started – and this is where my new website comes in. It’s an ongoing project of providing clearer and better information on Reiki and its amazing healing potential. Mercury has once again stirred up old ideas, dormant inspirations, and dusty papers and shown clearly that there is a better, more accessible way of communicating this great healing tool. Happy ‘cleaning up’ everyone, and lots of spiritual strength on your journey towards your personal goals! Oh, and don’t be surprised if your friend, spouse, or neighbor is cleaning up their shed or basement as well and uncovers forgotten or buried things. Let’s be compassionate towards each other and encourage each other to grow and learn. And perhaps do keep that coffee a little further away from your keyboard…