Learning Reiki in 3 Stages

Reiki can be learned relatively easily. It is usually taught in three 'levels' or attunements. I teach levels 1 and 2 as one-day classes each, spaced about 3-4 weeks apart to give the practitioners time to integrate the new energy and to practice the newly learned skills. 

Reiki Training.png

Level 1:

The first attunement enables you to practice Reiki on yourself and on friends, family members, plants, animals, etc. 

Level 2:

With the second attunment you will receive symbols that will strengthen your Reiki energy, and will qualify you as a Reiki practitioner. After the second attunment you will be equipped with the skills and experience necessary to offer professional Reiki treatments. 

Level 3:

The third attunement brings you to the level of Reiki Master, which qualifies you to begin training others in this natural and effective method of healing. 

Group training sessions take 6-8 hours, depending on the number of participants. You will learn the fundamentals of Reiki, including its history and basic healing techniques, and you will have the opportunity to practice on yourself and/or on others. You will also receive a certificate and a manual. The training is followed up by optional monthly practice sessions which are aimed at improving your skills and confidence. 


Level 1 (6-8 hours): $125

Level 2: (6-8 hours): $150

Training Dates:

See News for upcoming training dates.

I got to know Sudevi not only as a very intelligent and sober person, but also as a very sensitive, intuitive and warm-hearted soul who deeply cares for others and is surely very capable of healing others on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Sudevi is the kind of healer who is not floaty or airy, she’s very grounded, has lots of common sense and above all a great sense of humor.
— Helen, Amsterdam