Sudevi Burich

Sudevi believes that physical and emotional ailments are merely an expression of underlying, conscious or subconscious psycho-spiritual trauma. Healing takes place from each individual’s inner self and requires active participation and focused intentions from the individual. The healer is an instrument in that self-healing process who creates the necessary space and guidance. To provide such guidance, Sudevi became a certified Reiki Master and the founder of Reiki Alaska. She regularly offers Reiki treatments and trainings in Anchorage. She also holds an MA in Eastern spiritual traditions and philosophies and is a certified Yoga instructor. She has completed three levels of Healing Touch training and is currently enrolled in UAF’s Ethnobotany certificate program, which focuses on the study of traditional and medicinal uses of Alaska’s native plants.

Sudevi was born and raised in Germany and then lived in Belgium before coming to Alaska – so if you wonder about her accent, it’s some wondrous German-French mix. She spent an extensive amount of time studying in and travelling through India and regularly practices mantra meditations and kirtans. When she is not working, researching, or assisting her clients on their healing journey, you may find her exploring and foraging around Alaska’s trails with her husband and crazy husky or lounging on her couch with her semi-ancient cat (who loves Reiki!).

I can’t praise Sudevi enough for her Reiki balancing. She is compassionate, understanding and insightful. She listens and tunes into that which you vocalize but also has a keen eye for understanding that which you don’t/can’t vocalize. In a fast paced, high demand world it’s hard to combat depression and anxiety as we journey forward into consciousness but Reiki is a solid tool that helps balance me and Sudevi’s service left me feeling repaired, re-energized and hopeful despite an uncertain future.
— Crystal, Alaska