Similar to other Energy Healing methods, one of the main functions of Reiki is to promote a deep state of relaxation

the relaxation response releases endorphins in the brain;

the endorphins relax the muscles;

relaxed muscles create more space between cells providing increased circulation;

the increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body;

accelerated blood flow allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently;

enzymes build for proper digestion;

hormones regulate to strengthen the body's constitution;

toxins release from the body;

healthy cells begin to regenerate;

a sense of well-being is established which promotes healing.


When the body has a stable physiology, the immune system is regulated. The resulting stability within the immune system affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of the body's energy field, supporting self-healing.

Holistic Healing.png

By regulating the entire physiology, Reiki treatments do not target specific symptoms but heal holistically. With an improved overall health, specific symptoms typically subside.